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About us

The Language Centre was created in 2004 in order to provide the University of Vigo with a place where modern languages can be taught to its students and to those people who do not form part of the university but who are interested in modern languages.

Now with sixteen years of experience, the Language Centre is a model in teaching languages and in certifying the level of linguistic ability, offering qualifications from the most prestigious examining bodies (Instituto Cervantes, ACLES, TOEFL, etc.).

One of our main activities is to teach modern languages to students so that the University of Vigo gains in the quality of its teaching and research to become a more international institution.

These are our strengths:

  • Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. As specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the Language Centre courses are tailored to the regulations of the Council of Europe. This means that the qualifications are internationally recognised.
  • Excellence in teaching and qualified professionals. The quality of teaching shows itself in the way students acquire and improve their linguistic abilities. The highly qualified teaching staff, many of whom are native speakers and teacher trainers, and our long history as a training centre for ESOL Examinations (University of Cambridge) and DELE
    (Cervantes Institute) make the Centre a model in modern language teaching.
  • Accreditation Entity. As a member of ACLES (Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) and CERCLES (European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education), our diplomas are recognised not only in Spain but also in Europe as a whole. They are also endorsed by Bulats and the CRUE.


Teaching modern languages is one of the main activities of the University of Vigo Foundation, and this activity is developed through its Language Centre. The University of Vigo Foundation is managed by the Board of Trustees, presided over by the Chancellor of the University of Vigo, Mr. Reigosa Roger.

The Language Centre is supported and overseen by the University of Vigo, which issues and validates the qualifications it grants.