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What languages can I study? (+)

How can I know what my level is? Do I have to take a placement test before enrolling? (+)

Do I need to belong to the University Community to take a language course? (+)

What is the University Community? (+)

What is the minimum/maximum age to enrol? (+)

What is the minimum/maximum age to sit an CertAcles exam? (+)

How and where do I enrol? (+)

What kinds of diplomas can I get after taking a Language Centre course? (+)

What kind of courses offers language level accreditation? (+)

Can I attend just the first semester of a course which lasts 2 terms? (+)

When are final exams held? (+)

Is the exam included in the course fee? (+)

Recognition of ECTS credits for languages (+)

Can I sit a level accreditation exam without taking a whole course? (+)

What are the Language Centre’s office hours? (+)

When can you be given a refund of fees? (+)