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Workshops are courses that combine classroom learning with experiences outside the classroom. The Language Centre organizes a variety of workshops throughout the academic year.

Romanesque “Magosto.”
Workshop on Galician culture and tradition.  “O magosto” is a Galician chestnut roasting party. Students will follow a Romanesque path to the site of the Caldelas Castro, visiting the site and enjoying a traditional Galician “magosto” and a “queimada”.  

Galician Oenology.
  This course includes informational classes on the Galician wine producing sector, denominaciones de origen (guarantees of origin), etc. The course ends with a visit to a winery (Regina Viarum) and a wine-tasting session.  

Galician Economy I:  the textile sector. Workshop on the Galician economy with emphasis on the textile industry.  Includes visit to Inditex, ZARA’s parent company.  

Galician Economy II: fishing.  Workshop on the Galician economy with emphasis on the fishing industry. Includes visit to Vigo’s wholesale fish market and the port of Vigo.  

Galician Economy III: the automotive sector.
Workshop on the Galician economy with emphasis on the automotive sector.  Includes visit to PSA Peugeot Citröen.  

Magical Galicia: traditions and legends. Workshop on Galician traditions and legends that covers pre-Roman history and literary references.  Visits to archaeological sites and the Folón water mills. The day ends with a dinner and a “queimada”.

Literary Galicia I:  Classes in Galician literature (an introduction to Galician literature with emphasis on the works of Camilo José Cela and Rosalía de Castro). Includes a visit to Padrón to see the house of Rosalía de Castro and the Camilo José Cela museum.  

Literary Galicia II: Classes in Galician literature (the second part of an introduction to Galician literature with emphasis on the works of Valle Inclán and Castelao)
. Includes a visit to the house of Valle Inclán and the Museum of Pontevedra.  

The Saint James Pilgrimage: the Portuguese Way.
Theory and practical classes about the pilgrimage (history, routes, etc.) in general and the Portuguese route in particular.

Galician Castro culture. A presentation of life and culture during Galicia’s Castro period (history, lifestyle, culture, etc.). Includes guided visits to the Castros of Vigo and Santa Tecla (A Guarda, Pontevedra).

The Estates. A course on the great estates, or pazos, of Galicia.  Includes visit to the Quiñones de Leon Estate in Vigo.  

Gastronomic Workshop. Spanish for food preparation and dining. This course exposes students to vocabulary related to cuisine, food culture, recipes, and demonstrations of the preparation of typical Galician and Spanish dishes.  

Romanesque Art. Course dealing with Romanesque art in Galicia (vocabulary, representative works) with particular attention paid to Galician monasteries as well as other architectural trends. Guided visits: includes a visit to the Oseira Monastery.  

Petroglyphs.  Course on pre-Roman history in Galicia.  Includes pedagogical visits to the Quiñones de León Estate and a night-time visit to the Petroglyphs.  

Galician Arts and Crafts. A look at the most vital sectors of Galician arts and crafts. Visits include a first-hand look at the traditional art of lace-making and a trip to a basket weaver’s.